How to Become a Superhero in Five Minutes or Less

Superhero movies have taken over the entertainment industry, between Marvel and DC the supply is seemingly endless. A few nights ago, I went to see Justice League in the theatre and I was surprised by how one character, Barry a.k.a The Flash, was afraid as the team went into their first big battle with the main villain. Batman offered him some wise words about his role in the fight -  “Just save one.” When Barry asked what to do next, Batman replied “you will know.” There were multiple civilians trapped by the villain and the Flash, in spite of his fear, rushed in (literally) to pull civilians out of harms way. After he retrieved the first civilian, he stood there in shock for a moment before he rushed back into the danger zone to pull out every person before going to help his teammates battle the villain.

We, as followers of Jesus, are called to be like the Flash and “just save one.” In spite of our fears or reservations about our role in the war against evil, our job is to rush in to aid those who are trapped and save them. Now, obviously we don’t have super-speed like the Flash that allows us to run faster than the speed of light, but we do have an insanely amazing supranatural power in us – the Holy Spirit. The only superpower we will ever need is the one we are give when we accept Jesus as our Saviour. When we submerge ourselves in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit will flow out of us and give us abilities to conquer, heal, encourage and lead others. All it takes is a prayer and a little bit of faith in Christ’s overcoming power to become the ultimate superhero.

Once that choice has been made, we have two paths. We can be like Barry Allen and hide our powers away from the world, use them only in secret and never risk anything. The alternative is to become our own version of the Flash, and swallow our fears to “save one” and then another and another. We are facilitators of salvation, it is not us who saves but the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ’s death on the cross that allows us the ability to guide other people to true salvation in Jesus. We need only ask Him to give us the power, strength and courage to step into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. When the world needs saving, will you answer the call?