Jeff grew up on the tough streets of the inner city and overcame incredible odds to become the CEO of a successful security and technology company. His life has been an incredible journey that tells the story of God's redeeming power. Born the second youngest in a family of seven children with a rare genetic disease, Jeff's story is one of incredible trial and triumph. He is an eloquent and passionate speaker who delivers the word of God with anointing and compassion. His leadership style is one of empowerment with a focus on personal growth and that has translated into his ministry. Jeff has spoken around the world to business, Government, and church leaders. His message of hope regardless of one's present circumstances has inspired both men and women to live a stronger Christian life. His debut book, Destined to Be, presents readers nine keys to help them discover their purpose while unlocking their God-given potential. This faith-filled story takes readers from the plains of Africa to the mountaintop of Everest in the pursuit of spiritual growth. Jeff's weekly blog gives unfettered access into his personal life revealing the challenges and raw emotions that he faces on a daily basis. His unique viewpoint on faith, family, and business will leave readers inspired, challenged and encouraged.