How to Handle Crisis Moments

                In moments where everything feels like its crumbling to pieces in your hands, what is your first instinct? Do you cry, shut down, get angry, avoid the situation, or talk to a trusted friend? Most of the time, it might depend on the intensity of the situation but our reaction should be, in every situation, to run to Jesus and ask him to help.

                That may sound simple, but I know I’ve asked myself “what does it actually look like to run to Jesus and ask his help?” Well, first of all, I would suggest stopping and praying. Right where you are, in all your emotional turmoil, no matter what you’re doing. Ask Jesus to make his presence known and for the Holy Spirit to begin moving in the situation. When my niece, Kailey, was sick in the hospital, prayer played a huge factor. We prayed and had friends supporting us in prayer as well, it honestly kept me from completely unravelling in that insanely difficult time.

                Prayer shouldn’t stop, I know it sounds insane when Paul says to “never stop praying” in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. But a common misconception about prayer is that it needs to be structured in a specific way or that you need to be completely separated from everything to pray. Jesus commonly withdrew to spend intentional time with the Father, but I think we can also assume that Jesus was constantly talking to the Father, communicating with him and asking for his help.

                If we can be in constant communication with our Creator during times of stress or turmoil, he will make his presence known and will carry us through those times. We are never meant to carry the burdens of life alone, Jesus is there and he always will be.