Am I Crazy?

I have had a few times in my Christian life where my faith was challenged to the point where I had to ask myself, Am I crazy for being a Christian? This usually occurred when life was exceptionally challenging due to such things as sickness or financial stress. At these times my brain wants to rationalize why I have chosen to give my life to God. 

Step back for a minute and think about this. I believe in a God that came to earth in a man's body over 2000 years ago. He was beaten, nailed to a wooden cross, and died. It does not end there, though. He rose to life again and is living today in my heart. When He ascended to heaven, He sent down the Holy Spirit who is leading and guiding me today. How does the Holy Spirit do this? Why, it is a small voice that I hear in my head, of course. You could see how, especially to a nonbeliever, this would sound crazy! 

So why do I believe such a story? Why do I follow a God that is invisible? Unlike an idol, I cannot see or touch Him. I simply have to have faith He's there. For me personally, this goes back to the place in the Bible where it says that signs, wonders, and miracles will follow those who believe. Unlike an idol, God has power that can heal, deliver, and restore. Billions of people around the world can testify to how He rescued and restored them. I personally have seen blind eyes opened, deaf ears healed, and the lame walk. And this is through my very hands and prayers. Am I special? Absolutely not! God is just looking for some crazy people who will believe and do what He says! 

Thank you for reading and God bless.