Who wants to be a millionaire? How to get rich quick!

Is being a millionaire your destiny? Do you want to get rich quick? Let's start off by first answering a question.   

What is destiny? This is a word that most people find confusing and even elusive. The dictionary defines it as something that is supposed to happen to us in the future. When I ask people, “What is your destiny?” more often than not I receive a confused look in response. So, I switched the question to “What is your dream?” Putting aside those who want to be a Jedi Knight, a secret ninja or married to a movie star, I typically received responses in three areas: family, finances, and vocation. People would like to get married, become a doctor or be a millionaire, believing that whatever the dream was, it would make them happy. The truth is this is all a mirage. We are constantly barraged with all types of media trying to sell us or tell us what will make us happy when the truth can only be found in one place—Jesus. We were created for a purpose, and unless you engage with the Creator and allow Him to reveal your destiny, you will never feel fulfilled. To discover your purpose and unlock your potential, you must start with a relationship with Jesus. The good news is that a relationship with Jesus is yours for the asking. If you know him all you need to do is ask him to come into your life and forgive you of your sins. The simple act will not only allow you to connect with Jesus but also with the destiny for your life! Maybe you are reading this blog and you once committed your life to Jesus, but you have strayed away from Him. Now is also a great time to re-commit your life to him and reconnect with your destiny! While being a millionaire is great, you will become truly rich quick through the fulfillment of your destiny in Christ.